Meet Erin Berry

Erin Berry

"Live for the moments you can't put into words"



Hey There!!! I’m Erin!Recovering perfectionist aspiring good-enoughist!

I hail from the True North,Canada!!

I am a kick ass dog-mom to a 100lbs mastiff,
a wifey to an incredible man, a twin, a sports enthusiast,

adventure seeker, beach lover, bossbabe, autoimmune &

infertility warrior... the list goes on!

I’m lucky enough to pursue two passions.

One being my full time job working as a GIS Analyst

(it’s cooler than it sounds) where I collect data of all kinds and map it.

The other helping men and women on their wellness journey as a health coach.

I grew up in a sports world.

From a young age you could find me either in the water,

at the field, or onthe court! I couldn’t get enough of it.

It wasn’t until my Varsity basketball days that I fell in love with

fitness. I lived and breathed the gym, but years of training

began to take a toll on my body.

Torn tendonsand old injuries eventually led to surgery,

arthritis, and mobility issues.

I developed an autoimmune (thyroid) disorder,

and began a now 6 year struggle with infertility. I felt stuck, discouraged,

and somewhere along the way I lost myself.

Then 3 years ago I was given an opportunity that changed
everything. Coaching, it allowed me to work on being my best self and find me again!

It reminded me that I was strong, resilient, and capable of achieving

anything and the best part I learned that my struggles were simply lessons.

It not only provided me the opportunity to grow as a person and business
owner but I get to help others do the same, my cup is full! :)

With being a health coach comes lifelong friendships, a supportive community,

and has given me the privilege of meeting so many incredible people.

Teresa @acerevolution being one of them!


We metthis past July at our annual Coach Summit in Indy.

What started as a simple invite to join our workout,

has led to us here today with an incredible opportunity to combine forces.

Ace Revolution is a company
created from struggle and strength, to empower, and spread positivity.

It is a company that aligns so
perfectly with my goals and aspirations and I am honored to be a part of.



Erin Berry