Meet Hannah Bittner

Hannah Bittner

" You can keep talking yourself out of the thing you're hoping for,

or you can decide that you dream is more powerful than your excuse."

Rachel Hollis 

Hi guys!

Hey friends! My name is Hannah Bittner.

I’m 23, a wife, dog and cat mom, lifestyle mentor, and scary movie lover!

I’m from Fort Worth Texas, now living in Austin. My husband and I met

in college at Texas A&M, and got married in October 2017.


He is my best friend, and the most amazing support system!

In January 2018, my mom passed away from cancer. It was a really hard

journey watching her go from such a healthy, strong mom, to incredibly sick.

After losing her, I really realized how much of a gift our health is. I decided

to start taking exercise and nutrition seriously, and totally fell in love with the

process. I quickly became passionate about all things health, fitness, and

lifestyle, so I then decided to take a leap of faith to help other women with

the same thing!


I taught 4th & 5th grade ELAR for a year,

while coaching full time. And now I work from home as a full time coach!

I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I love using social media to inspire and

help others become the best version of themselves!


Hannah Bittner