Meet Jade Newton

Jade Newton

" Do it for those that can't."

Hey there, my name is Jade Newton, 

MOST days you’ll find me lounging in my home office

in yoga pants, covered in puppy fur, but I am mostly known

for sharing my love for health and wellness online.


I love helping other women believe in and unleash their inner greatness,

and most of all learn to love themselves again! I am currently 27

(28 in December), I have been working for myself since age 24

and prior to that I was a teacher!


I am newly married to my high school sweetheart so we are just over

here living the married life now with baby number 1 on the way

(coming December 2019)!


My story has lots of bumps, twists, turns, obstacles, etc.

and I would love to tell you all about them when we chat,

what is important for you to know is that those obstacles led me here.


I am now the Founder and CEO of The Toned Boss Tribe,

I have helped over 3000 clients change their life

through health and fitness, and I've personally lost 50 pounds!

But it’s about so much more than what I have lost,

it's more so about what I have gained!


The friendships, confidence, and more freedom

than I could have every imagined.


To get to know my story a little more,

make sure to connect with me on Instagram @jadenewton

and don’t ever hesitate to reach out and ask for help if you need it!


That is what I am here for!


Jade Newton