Meet Lauren Kellar

Lauren Kellar

" When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears."

Tony Robbins



A wacky, awkward, super corny, mom of two, wifey,

full time cardiac nurse & health and fitness coach!

Seriously, that’s me in a nutshell!! 


But getting deeper, I have always had a passion for health and fitness.

I played competitive soccer as a kid and then became a competitive irish

dancer, with the highlight of qualifying and competing at the world

championships in Scotland. 


Then.... a career and kids along with repetitive injuries meant having to retire the passion and then lead to my search for the magical unicorn fitness fix. 

 It wasn't till I had my second babe that I developed PPD and PPA

which, long story short, changed me.

I became a person I didn't know, stuck in a body I didn't know, with emotions I didn't know I was capable of.

Nature brought me back. Walks and runs in the forest, somedays what felt like my only reprieve.

The only place I felt like I was me again. 


Slowly with a ton of support I got back to me and it wasn't till I took a giant leap of faith

on my fitness journey that I grew into the best version of myself. 


My husband had his wife back, my kids had their mom and I had me.

It changed our lives so freaking much I new I had to share that with others,

so I decided to become a coach and be the person to change someone else life!!! 


Fast forward almost 3 years and I met @acerevolution

as I was working out in the hotel gym with my coaching besties at our annual conference in indie.

This super shy but sweet woman came up and asked if she could hop in.

She SLAYYYYYED the workout and then told us her story.

She said she had to share some headbands because we were so sweet and well, the rest is history. 

We have stayed in touch and I am so incredibly honored to be able to represent such a positive brand.

Her story is incredible but what she has done with her life during and since is nothing sort but amazing!

So, there you have it!

 I am Lauren Kellar